Fig Leaves

Fig leaves are known to be evidence of figs being present on the tree. There was however the odd occasion when leaves were seen and there were no figs!!! An anomaly. 

The world promotes appearances without corresponding substance. Sayings like “fake it till you make it”, have unfortunately been imbibed by many! This has resulted in a culture of deceit, including misleading advertisements, media mispresentation and various forms of dishonesty by which masses have been misled!

It is sad to see, not infrequently too, people striving to be anything besides who they really are, in a bid to be “successful” and be accepted. Unfortunately the image they are trying to  confirm to is not uncommonly that of someone else who is also trying to be what they know not.

An inspiring read to be real, is John Mason’s book- you are born an original, don’t die a copy! It will be sad to strive to be s copy of a copy and never live to realise great potential!

Soul Search:                                                               What are my fig leaves?                                        What am I trying to cover up?                            What fruits should I be bearing at this stage in life?

Recommended :                                               The me I want to be                                        You are born an original don’t die a copy

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