Free Spirit

How Much Pressure Are You Putting on Life? 

Getting the most juice from an orange or any juicy fruit, requires appropriate pressure for the amount of juice desired. One should not expect more juice from life than the pressure being  applied! 

Studying elementary school material won’t give a PhD qualification! 

Let’s use an orange for example: A drop or teaspoonful may be all that’s needed for a recipe, a little squeeze will do! A cupful for breakfast will require not just more presssure, but likely more oranges. To feed a family squeezing loads may be tiring, the right machinery is needed. Alternatively, it could be turned to a morning activity that brings everyone together in joyfully squeezing oranges! 

Average effort likely to yield average results, but don’t do what is detrimental to health! 

Don’t do what a machine should do! 

Spending time an energy to squeeze tons of oranges, in a business to generate selling freshly squeezed juice, will be time and energy ill-spent. The money desired won’t be made and physical health damaged! The hope of selling huge volumes of orange juice is unachievable by the manual process easily done for a cup! 

The right strategy

Every desired goal needs the right strategy, else frustration, hopelessness and ultimately depression invariably sets in. It is unrealistic and detrimental to physical and mental well being, if a man be expected to manually squeeze a lorry load of oranges in an hour? 

Define the true goal! 

The goal sometimes is not a desire for orange juice and rather a need for a drink for which water will do and is easier obtained. We may find ourselves exhausted whilst expending energy unduly, doing what machinery would easily do. 

Food For Thought:

What demands am I placing on life?

Is it commensurate to my goals?

Are my goals in line with my real desire?

Am I squeezing life enough to get what I want? 

Am I utilising the right strategies? 

Do the potential achievable benefits outweigh the risks? 

Are my time scales healthy? 

The same thought processes may be used to evaluate efforts invested in attaining physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  The investment required may be more time than energy, vice -versa or both. The recipe for each goal has to be s healthy balance. 

Wealth is Health

By Wonuola

It looked like it would be the perfect dream, starting life on acres of green pasture, evening walks on the farm inhaling fresh clean air! The scenes started to change like a movie being fast forwarded and precious moments seemed uncaptured till gone, not to return. I started learning to cherish life, the greatest gift above all things! I needed more, so I sought the source and got to know it came from Love and with it was always freedom! The rapidly changing scenes, with years speeding by, have been stormy and sometimes still, bright and grey, with highs and low! I have found meaningful living is not determined by circumstances but rather by what goes on within. The juice in the heart powers the body, its activities and interactions. Love gives life and powers living, with freedom expressing life. I remain passionate about a journey with life, love and liberty and hopefully encouraging others to do the same, living purposefully and leading in liberty. #LoveLifeLiberty

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