The First Step

A journey of a thousand miles is said to begin with the first. Any project or challenge, big or small is initiated with the first step. The first step is needed to get the day going or start a college course.

Inertia is the tendency to remain in a state of rest or continued motion unless an external force acts on it, that is the unwillingness to change from a familiar zone! Overcoming inertia requires force, the force that propels towards a change of state.

The unknown can be anxiety provoking, anxiety that can be so subtle it keeps one in an undesirable situation for fear of the unknown, or so overwhelming one gets into a state of panic. An acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real! Refuse to be paralysed by fear and move towards your goals. Strength is built by exercising resistance!

The first step is the best step to the next  step…… 

Once the first step is taken towards a desired goal, inertia is overcome and progress is gradually attained with each succeeding step. The next step is always the first step for the next step. Keep taking the first step and each step draws closer to the desired end.
Take the first step! 


Author: Wonuola

I am on a journey of finding Wisdom and engaging in learning from like minded people. I am passionate about holistic health and keen to live and share the truth for healthy body, spirit and soul for it is the truth that one knows which sets free. Wealth is Health!

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