Who is spending your life?

Life time is quantified in years. Years are made up of months, which are made up of weeks and further broken down into days, hours, minutes and ultimately second, or even microseconds!

Time is life! 

Who is spending your life?                        Life is precious, as can be seen when someone is bleeding away and fears escalate of life ebbing with imminent death. Life quantified in time therefore implies ineffective use of time is ineffective use of life!

If my life is quantified as oil in a jar, what would I use the oil for? 

Put an end to worthless spending of your lifetime!

Every life matters, guard your moments, guard your time, guard your life from being misspent! You only live ONCE!

Published by Wonuola

I am on a journey of finding Wisdom and engaging in learning from like minded people. I am passionate about holistic health and keen to live and share the truth for healthy body, spirit and soul for it is the truth that one knows which sets free. Wealth is Health!

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