Teenage Tantrums

Terrible twos, teenage issues all spell distressing times for parenting teams. Teenagers often expected to be more mature, may disappointingly wet and soil like infants do. The difference is advanced mess, the mess comes in words and actions as they have grown in many ways! 

Managing the teenage mess is no different. Acknowledge what needs be done, admit it stinks and clear it up, just like you would your infant’s poo.  The training needs to follow, to prevent bad history is not repeated. Consequences or measures to prevent a repeat must be ensured. 

The most important lesson though is hold your peace. Your distress best not be apparent else could become a game that gives them thrills. A peeing infant when being dressed up soon thinks it fun if mummy screams. Possess your soul, remind yourself it is a mess you can manage! 

A helpful tip is a mouthful of water  not swallowed  when the storm is raging, whilst you keep in mind you are in charge! 

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