The Power of Association

I find it interesting how children speak a language fluently without learning it formally. Language is not determined by ancestry and rather by exposure. 

It reminds me of a conversation I overheard from a phone booth at Heathrow airport, a few decades ago. I had no doubt it was a Yoruba man speaking, I could not miss my native language intonation et al.

Alas! As I drew nearer the booth the man was Caucasian with black straight hair. I wiped my eyes quickly, aware of the build up of activities to my trip, thinking I must be tired. This man spoke better Yoruba than many Yoruba people I know, even gesticulating like “we” do! 

The Power of Association rang home. I could not help but appreciate hiw exposure determines who we become! Years later I have seen more of this, I daresay not as shocking as this man at Heathrow. 

The language I speak so fluently today is what I was exposed to, not that which I learnt formally. Whilst skills, behaviours, language may be formally learnt, there is so much more learnt informally. The power of exposure cannot be undermined. Determine who you would like to be and associate with like minded people. No one going North follows a Southbound crowd.

No one going North follows a Southbound crowd! 

Associate with people that align with your dreams! 

Let your assignment determine your alignment! 

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