Mind Over Matter

When life feels overwhelming, it helps to remember the battle is in the mind. Loss of control in any realm can be frightening and calls for reining in the thoughts that threaten our peace – the mind needing to rule over the matter. 

CHOICE.                                                  Impulsive choices are easier made and not as healthy as well thought ones. Overthinking may result though, in paralysis of analysis, just like overly processed food may lose its savour! Thoughts that determine healthy choices need be healthy thoughts. Healthy thoughts come from a healthy mind. It is healthyvtgeregore to ensure the mind is exposed to healthy stuff. What one sees, hears, tastes and smells determine the values upheld by the mind. Relationships therefore also have a part in what we value and how we think. 

There is therefore a need to guard our hearts, for out of it our lives are fuelled! 

Guarding your thoughts is guarding your heart, Guarding your heart is guarding your life! 

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