Name Calling

In traditional Christian circles it is recommended that intimate relationship be not built with “unbelievers”. It is well known though that many who have ended up in relationships with “believers”, have been disappointed or even badly traumatised. The relationship unfortunately having been entered based on their perception of them being sincere as “believers” ought.

The other side of the coin is  relationships with people known for their sincerity, without the icing associated with “believers”.  Not uncommonly, healthy admirable relationships have been noted with an underlying fear of God in those involved and the lack of drama that religious circles associate with “believers”.

Who is a believer?

A book ought not be judged by its cover. Interesting reads may be packaged inattractively. Looking for substance and its indicators is therefore more important than making a decision based on others perception or based on the package. “Go low, go slow” is a good key to be safe. Go low: don’t get excited by what it appears to be, look soberly! Go slow: take your time, do not rush! 

Outward appearances are easily deceptive. A beautifully wrapped Christmas present may have nothing on the inside. Seek the truth, the true person, the real nature and not what is professed or others applause. 

Go low, Go slow for a happy flow!

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