What one is exposed to tends to be familiar and may easily determine the yard stick in respective areas. Familiarity with certain spices for instance may make other spices taste strange or desirably exotic. Someone who on the other hand is used to bland meals will likely find mild spices too hot!

Unhealthy exposure is associated with significant risks.

It may be hard to discern an unhealthy environment for someone who is used to filthy living. People have been known to live comfortably and happily in very filthy settings and not desired better, with no awareness of detriment to their health, physically or mentally. Understandably, there are exception to the rule with perception sometimes being severely impaired for various reasons. There are known situations with extreme hoarding that is shocking when revealed, yet the concerned person sees no problem. Someone who is used to living in a refuse dump may easily feel strange in a tidy house – the familiar is missing and hence a sense of loss and fear of the unknown.

Desire for higher standards necessitates exposure to higher standards. An ancient proverb states “don’t smell what you won’t eat!” Smelling something somewhat desirable increases the appetite for it. So if it’s not the kind of area you dream of living in, viewing the house may result in settling for less than healthy with future regret. It’s important to guard what one is exposed to in every area of life, to enhance attainment of desired goals. A desire for healthy homes is enhanced by exposure to healthy homes, same goes for relationships and associations in various ways. Healthy relationships are built through association with healthy contacts. Our choices play a great role in our life’s destination. Life is short, right choices will help to make the most of our time on earth.

Healthy communication promotes healthy living!

Evil communication corrupts good manners!

Author: Wonuola

I am on a journey of finding Wisdom and engaging in learning from like minded people. I am passionate about holistic health and keen to live and share the truth for healthy body, spirit and soul for it is the truth that one knows which sets free. Wealth is Health!

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