Murder or Manslaughter

The impact of physical activity is easier detected than that of unseen deeds hence physical trauma is quicker spotted than emotional trauma. It’s understandable as we live in the physical realm and our senses attuned to the physical even if it be to varying degrees.

The unseen impact of trauma on our invisible parts can be more damaging and the negative consequences more extensively destructive than one may sometimes dare imagine: confidence crushed for life by verbal abuse in childhood, fear of positive attainment due to seeds of doubt deposited by “a friend”. The damage may be fatal that potential is murdered and never realised, and be it accidental or deliberate, like manslaughter and murder, whatever the case may be irreversible damage is done!

Prevention is better than cure – you never know what little act of kindness could transform a life! A kind act may reverse some of the ill effect of unseen trauma. There are times we may however need be “cruel” to be kind, for what a child for instance, may perceive as cruelty may be a life saving act. True words from a friend could help change the routes from death to life!

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