How to find treasure

Find a good thing, there are plenty around: relationships, job opportunities, skills, a good idea and so much more.

Nurture a good thing and you’ll see it grow, it may be slow, it may not glow, but it will add value to you more and more (if nurtured).Find a good thing and if you treat it like trash, it’ll do you much harm whilst others are blessed by the same.

So if you find a good thing, nurture it and you’ll see it grow, then over time it’ll have added so much value- you’ll be treasure!

Seeds of treasure may not glitter like gold!

Author: Wonuola

I am on a journey of finding Wisdom and engaging in learning from like minded people. I am passionate about holistic health and keen to live and share the truth for healthy body, spirit and soul for it is the truth that one knows which sets free. Wealth is Health!

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