Free Spirit

What Defines You?

The young girl apologised to me as she expressed her thoughts, “he spoke to you like a little girl!” I had been careful whilst speaking up for her not to be challenging, determined to maintain my stance without many words. I had said very little, reiterating my point in the few sentences I had uttered. He got the message. Actually he probably didn’t gcet the point but left and there was finally peace of what was left of a stressful evening.

She thanked me for coming to her rescue and apologised that I had to be spoken to in such a condescending way. I reassured her I was fine and explained to her that no one can redefine you if you are sure of who you are. I therefore did not feel any less for being spoken to like a child as she had observed. People can say anything, treat you like they perceive you, but it cannot change who you are! What is said to someone will not change who they truly are unless the words are absorbed. Unwholesome words or attitude should be allowed to drop off as water on a good quality raincoat!

Full assurance of one’s identity is therefore important in life’s dealings. I love the way Zig Ziglar puts it, “you were designed for accomplishment, engineered for Success and endowed with the seeds of greatness”. This is not suggesting I am perfect, my humanity manifests in too many flaws and a wide variety of shortcomings. Regardless I am loved by the greatest Love of all, Love itself, and therein lies my value. A queen is no less a queen for having an impairment: I am work in progress and retain my value. It is fully reassuring that I am loved just as I am. That is the Love that keeps me going. The words of love that trumps all else, the Love that defines me, tells me I am worth so much to die for. That is what Christ’s death is to me and the new life in His resurrection works in me as He promised by my placing my life in His hands. Let His Love alone define you!

Celebrating resurrection day!

By Wonuola

It looked like it would be the perfect dream, starting life on acres of green pasture, evening walks on the farm inhaling fresh clean air! The scenes started to change like a movie being fast forwarded and precious moments seemed uncaptured till gone, not to return. I started learning to cherish life, the greatest gift above all things! I needed more, so I sought the source and got to know it came from Love and with it was always freedom! The rapidly changing scenes, with years speeding by, have been stormy and sometimes still, bright and grey, with highs and low! I have found meaningful living is not determined by circumstances but rather by what goes on within. The juice in the heart powers the body, its activities and interactions. Love gives life and powers living, with freedom expressing life. I remain passionate about a journey with life, love and liberty and hopefully encouraging others to do the same, living purposefully and leading in liberty. #LoveLifeLiberty

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