Is Leviathan Extinct?

pexels-photo-417070.jpeg Photo by Pixabay on[/caption]

It is monstrous and terrifying, this great beast thought no longer to exist. Its fumes have been smelt in least expected places, rousing terror and crushing spirits. Those who know it have described the havoc it has wrecked in many lives! Leviathan may no longer be seen in its ancient habitat, that’s because it’s relocated and metamorphosed to different forms, enabling it to find homes in lots more places, spreading its toxins to more lives.

It sneaks in faster than one thinks! Lurking, watching, then settles in. It may present with calm and charm, to get its victims’ off their guards before it pounces in on them. It’s been seen in three piece suits, in teen age groups, tyrant bosses and parents too. It steals, destroys and also kills. It seeks thrill alone with no regard for the cost to any other person, young or old!

Beware! Please beware before it strikes!! You know it’s near when you sense fear and tyranny. It cares for nothing but itself, and it seeks to oppress and depress, for then it feels it’s in control, which to it feels powerful. Leviathan feels at home with tyranny and fuels minds of dictators, pain and hardship gives it satisfaction, signs of oppression warms its blood. It loves the sight of its prey cringing in fear, demanding “obedience” to stroke its ego. It arrogantly derides any one who dares to challenge it! Intimidation, deceit, oppression, anger, threats, lies, manipulation, depression, control and coercion are some of the signs Leviathan is at work. A conviction of entitlement to own what it has no right to, results in challenges it detests, feeling its “power” entitles him to anything and everything! Once it gets in, it is often hard to get out as often difficult detecting the old monster’s still alive. Many get so comfortable with the warmth of its deceit, letting guards down when it then strikes with raging fire that waxes and wanes. Physical and mental fatigue with confusion, result from the emotionally destructive relationship .

Prevention is better than cure! Flee and get help if you smell the fumes!!!

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