My First Friends

Arrival was exciting! Lots of unknown faces and voices chattering joyfully. It was surprising that seeing me could stir so much delight, especially since most of the people were much older. There were a few familiar voices, from conversations in the past months, one voice I recognised had spoken with me daily, night and day before I arrived!

The fussing continued, intensifying for the next few months, lots of fancy presents, plenty of food, encouraging words and offers to help with daily chores in various ways. Wow! This sure was a good place to be. I wasn’t lacking for healthy attention, and got most of it from the two people with me most of the time, especially, mamma, my food supplier! Shhh… she made sure my sleep time was well protected.

The fussing began to dwindle, but not from mamma. She seemed to know what I needed even before I asked. I had no reason to worry, her responses well-timed, she was always accessible and attentive in every way.

So, going on with my journey, I had the main building blocks: faith, hope and love, to cope with varying seasons. Sometimes the weather got real stormy, and I was strengthened by lessons learnt. I would recall, “it’s for a season so don’t be shaken, this will surely come to pass!” There were many other lessons and various nutrients too, that empowered my mind and strengthened my spirit, to help me carry on!

My journey on earth had started with God given carers, the best tour guides for me, who helped me fare well to be strong on my own and be there for others too! Parents are a child’s first friends.

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