Free Spirit

Invisible Trauma

There were no scars seen by the eyes, so it was hard to describe. The intense pain and scars too deep, had no rating, as none with eyes could see. The wounds failed to heal for repeated trauma and got reinforced too, with verbal abuse that knocked self worth and resilience failed to thrive. It was hard to get help from hospitals or any source for these invisible scars, so most victims keep quiet till the end whatever that may be?

Like an occult bleed from hidden cancer, many are losing blood daily. Their lives ebbing, suffering and smiling, in fear they wake and sleep. The smiles may be terse for pain restricts the fulness of life in them. Sometimes the exuberance is used to veil the wounds they fear be seen. The world uhs and ahs when suddenly they flee from unspoken agony, to realms unseen, having bled to death from injuries deep within.

Emotional trauma is real! The abuser not being ‘aware’ does not reduce the detrimental impact of the assault. Coercive control kills and is still killing, in homes, at work and various settings. Abuse in any form is dangerous and unjustifiable in any way, else it would be justifying early deaths and children orphaned too.

There’s hope while there is life, it just has to be right. So please never give up as long as you have breath. Reasons that hold many captive have answers to help out. Bone and skin doctors don’t treat hearts and friends can’t treat cancer, so it’s best to contact specialist help so life is not made worse. Click here for your local help agency.


By Wonuola

It looked like the perfect dream, living on acres of lush green pastures, evening walks on the farm inhaling fresh clean air, watching sunrise and sunset untainted with man's interference! The scenes started to change like a movie fast forwarded and precious moments seemed uncaptured till quickly gone, never to return. I started learning to cherish life, the greatest gift above all things! I needed more, so I sought the source and got to know it came from Love and with it was always freedom! The rapidly changing scenes, with years speeding by, have been stormy and sometimes still, bright and grey, with highs and low! I have found meaningful living is not determined by circumstances, but rather by what goes on within. The fuel in the heart powers the body, its activities and interactions. Love gives life and powers living. Embracing freedom enables meaningful living and beautiful expressions of life. I remain passionate about a journey with life, love and liberty and hopefully encouraging others to do the same, living purposefully and leading in love by liberty. #LoveLifeLiberty

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