The Best Gift

The giver’s heart in the little boy, desired to take a gift along, when going to see the King. All he had was apparently not what a baby or the family would need, yet his best gift was what he had and he was determined to give no less than his best.

His flaming love was quenched by what may be seen as limitations. The wealth of love in the young lad’s heart, gave him sight to see that ‘poor’, in the eyes of the world, did not mean having nothing, for the priceless things that fuel living cannot be seen.

Mary’s heart, like that of the King, embraced the drummer boy and the rhythm of the drumming, in harmony with their heart beats, excited joy and hope in a beautiful dance. What had seemed so little sparked the invisible wonders of Love. Love had come to earthly realms, flaming the sparks in the hearts of men.

The Little Drummer Boy, sings the heart of Christmas. Giving of love and life above all things, stirring joy and laughter, shining light and setting free from darkness within, for freedom indeed is freedom within. The master plan started on earth at Christmas. Embrace the love of Christ this season, it’s free!

#WondersofLove #Christmasisgiving #Whatisinyourhand #LovewasbornatChristmas #Unconditionallove #Answersintheheart #Lovelivesinyourheart

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