The ferris wheel of life may easily become addictive, with an unrelenting habit to keep up a pace of living that gives no respite. A drive to keep getting more and more done, at the expense of one’s health, may be a symptom of “Activity Addiction” or other related disorders.

Breathing is a vital need for living, with both parts equally important: breathing in and breathing out. Taking time and letting go of life’s draining demands for respite to recharge life batteries, helps in promoting physical and mental health. Hard workers who play hard too, are known to keep a healthy balance better.

Intentional Living?

Life is a gift, with every minute counting down to expiry date. Who is in the driving seat of your life? Who should be in the driving seat?

#Whoisspendingyourlife #Intentionalliving #Lifeisagift #AdultADHD #Hyperkineticdisorders #Workhardplayhard #Workaddiction

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