The day is over. So much done but much more not done. On reflection other activities should have been prioritized.

Setting out on a journey without a defined destination is a sure plan of getting no where. Starting the day without goals defined is no different. Distractions like road blocks and diversions may be inevitable, for which alternate routes are taken. The destination the same, the process may change and the same applies for daily goals.

A map will help, starting out in the day, and this best planned the night before.

Make a plan the night before of top goals that must be targeted. It’s checking the route and news well in advance, before starting the car in the morning.

Assign time to task with a realistic frame. You won’t travel by road 200miles per hour, the brain should not be subjected to such pressure.

Plan alternatives for detours and disruptions, like you would consider other routes on a road trip. A cancelled appointment by a client is not time lost and rather an opportunity to get more done on the list and rest better at the end of the day.

#Mapforlife #Mindhealthmatters #Mastermymind #Dailyschedule #Timemanagement

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