It’s concerning to any parent, when a child goes off food. Doctors often ask about appetite, or how well a baby is latching on, as an indicator of wellness. Loss of appetite is not just restricted to the realm of food, and may be considered in various domains in assessing wellbeing: relationships, work, personal hygiene, education etc A loss of appetite required for healthy living, should rouse concerns for needing help in respective areas.

How is this best addressed? Like the need for healthy eating to keep the body well nourished, the nutrients need be taken regardless of the feeling. Additional help may therefore be needed, like support from friends and family or getting professional help.

IDENTIFY the area of need. You may need help in doing this, especially if it isn’t physical. Clinical investigations sometimes help in determining root causes. Likewise digging deeper may help discover the root cause of unhealthy symptoms. A helpful tip is the symptoms – what area of your life needs help?

INGEST the required nutrients / information/ activity regardless of the lack of desire. This may be hard! Some will describe it as mind over matter. Yes, you may recall times you didn’t feel like going out with friends and you ended up having a swell time because you let your choice override your feelings. As the ‘nutrients’ needed get in, the appetite is bound to improve.

INVOLVE others to help, if you struggle to muster enough energy to resist the lack of appetite. A study group to get course work going is an example, with loss of appetite for a test or exam prep. Mustering motivation to do what’s needed may be an uphill task, and help helps.

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