3 Steps to Freedom From Toxic Relationships

Unhealthy relationships could be at ‘home’, work or other settings, limiting the fulfilment of one’s potential. Like First Aid, thinking ABC with a D  helps to save lives.

Accept there is a problem. This is the first step to a solution. Denial of a toxic or unhealthy condition or environment, increases the risk of complications.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay strong!

BBC News: ‘I left my marriage after 55 years of abuse’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-55403234

Begin to make a plan. Begin as best you can with what you have. The power to think is a good start. Not doing anything about the situation, besides inactivity deemed the plan needed, is not taking charge. The risk then is the situation decaying or becoming overwhelming, with letting go of the steering wheel. Failure to plan is said to be planning to fail. A plan helps evaluate efficacy of process and progress, towards the desired solution. The need to ensure safety cannot be overemphasized.

Connect with the right help. Being in the frame, does not help to see the picture objectively. Without a clear picture the apparent best solutions, may at best give short term respite or even fail. Linking up with appropriate help and support signifcantly reduces the risks of complications in the process of dealing with toxic relationships. You wouldn’t call on your dentist for a fractured limb. Safety is priority at every point. Please be mindful of threats to safety.

Do things you enjoy! Engage in activities you find relaxing and enjoyable, go for walks, gardening or bake for a friend. It helps the environmenral chemistry within and consequently your physical and mental health, strengthening you whilst you work on the circumstances without. Enjoyable activities no matter how seemingly basic gives a chance to take in a deep fresh breath, and recharge for the journey.

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