Life Dream

Dreams of better things, a better house or more income, dearer friends and happier days, all require planting of seeds. The seed we sow and how it’s sown, determines the depth of the roots, the quality and quantity of the harvest.

No seed, no root
No root, no fruit

The parable of the sower, explains it all:

Ensure good ground where’er you plant
The kind of soil matters a lot
And with no root, the sun will scorch
Those precious seeds to bear no fruit

Keep the birds off for seeds to stay
Seed eating birds may look real glam
Be careful not to let them near
Some are called doubt and undue fear!

The roots will come with nurturing
Protected seeds sown on good soil
With patient wait with strength from faith
Like the farmer does, till growth is full

With time the stalk and then the head
Later the hairs then full grown corn
and when you’ve got fruits from your seed
Don’t eat it all please sow again!

What dreams do I have? What seeds do they need? What is the appropriate care for my seeds?

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