4 Tips For Mind Health

FEED – Healthy eating is required to keep the body healthy and it’s no different for the mind. Feeding on anxiety fuelling material, on TV, social media or catch ups with friends, will inevitably feed the mind with toxins. Yes, a dose of anxiety may be helpful to trigger the body in mounting an immune response to adverse issues, like vaccination. The mind does not need fuelling with negative forces.

REST – An engine working without adequate rest is heading for a burnout. Nobody keeps breathing in without breathing out. Resting the mind is needed as resting the body is. The body needs the mind to function well. The mind needs a healthy container not an exhausted one else it soon expires.

Pausing to catch your breath, helps to recharge mind cells to help the battery last longer than it would if worked without adequate rest. Resting is not laziness. Resist the enticing culture of mental overload.

ENGAGE – Engaging healthy strategies regularly and other healthy minds too, is akin to an appropriate support network for a desired goal. The saying, evil communication corrupts good manners, applies to mindhealth too. Trying to live a disciplined life will be sabotaged by associating closely with chaotic “friends”.

ELIMINATE – There are parts of food that don’t belong to our bodies, if it must be healthy. There are detrimental ideas and thinking processes that every one has been exposed to, at sometime or the other.

Like staying constipated and not resolving the “matter” this could cause complications. Unaddressed unhealthy matters in the mind including bitterness, unforgiveness and hatred may be damaging or destructive to the mind. Elimination of toxicity is vital to mind health.

Be FREEFeed, Rest, Engage, Eliminate. What are you feeding your mind? Is your mind getting adequate rest regularly? Are you detoxifying your mind as required?

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