Are You Ripe For What You Desire?

The ripening process for every fruit is different, the ripening time is different too.

I had just relocated to Europe, and was fascinated by the cosmetically perfect vegetables and fruits. It was strange to me that peppers and bananas could be without any blemish. Initially, I must admit, I wondered if they were real. I gradually accepted they were surprisingly “real”. Reflecting, I wonder now, are they really real?

Photo by Kirsty TG on Unsplash

Not all that glitters is gold

Absence of blemish may be appealing. What does it appeal to? It may be the untrained emotions that lust for “perfection”, fascinated by beauty without blemish. In the absence of healthy information we may seek after that which glitters and miss out on what’s best for our health.

How are fruits and vegetables ripened and end up without blemish?

Artificial ripening methods enable availability of farm produce in countries where it may not be conducive for the crops to grow. The crops are harvested before ripening to allow time for transportation and distribution at the desired destinations. Blemishes may be prevented, despite the handling process, by employing chemical treatments like fungicides — preventing or prolonging the process of natural decay.

Photo by Rens D on Unsplash

It was no wonder we had an apple in the fruit basket that stayed without any hint of decay for three months. It got my attention after the first two weeks when I thought it had been forgotten and may have started to go bad. I was surprised to note it was untainted, and decided to watch. After three months it stayed the same!

Photo by David Orlando Us De Paz on Unsplash

The real process matters

missed the taste of locally grown produce, it felt to me the taste of real. It honed in a lesson of appreciating the natural process for development. It may be in the pursuit of career goals, developing relationships, building a home as a nest for lives, or any other area of life. The natural process matters. I have been enriched in many areas of my life by the blessing of an organic process, rather than hasten to ripen, or chemical ripening.

The taste of “real” is different

Detriments may manifest later. It is not unheard of when expedited processes crumble and unfortunately cost lives. Faking the making may end up easily breaking, unable to stand the test of time. Buildings built on compromised foundations seem to be standing strong, and “unexpectedly” collapse years later. Are you ripe for what you desire?

Self-doubt is a contaminant

You may be ripe for your purpose and hide your light under a bushel. Self-doubt is the other extreme of hastened processes. It’s important therefore to be self-aware, more on that to come soon.

Having light and living in darkness does not help the light bearer or others to move forward. Please let your light shine, embrace the process to healthy ripening and enjoy the taste of real living! Be “real” and shine too.

Enjoy the taste of healthy living

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