Discovering The Power Of Waiting

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.
But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

A lot was happening behind the scenes, unseen by human eyes, as roots were formed over the years before the tree appeared. It is no different from our dreams and the seeds we seek to breed, in the hope of these seeds bearing fruits that come in different forms.

The fruits

Some fruits are meant for us to eat, and some are meant to give us shade, like homes to live in that shelter us in different life seasons. But even Rome was not complete in just a day, and so the saying goes that we all wait with true patience to let our seeds grow well.

The wait

There’s a reason for every season, including the waiting times, when, like a woman who conceived a child, no one else is aware. Though she is carrying life, a nascent human, the full being is yet to appear. In the wait, nurture and patience sustain life for the body to emerge in the fullness of time.

Our dreams and desires have bodies too and require life sustained in the wait. What we do or do not do may strangle the life in it.

What do you desire?

Infusions of life are required to keep our dreams alive. The wait may be hard, and delayed hope while roots are grounding deeper may cause sickness that lasts longer than feels tolerable. Every day of the wait is a day nearer to the end, so please hold on tight, dear friend. It may be hard to wait alone, but holding on to the hands of trusted loved ones helps us persevere.

Photo by Quick PS on Unsplash

Why wait?

The storms of life will surely come for everyone, in different forms. The foundation, like the depth of our roots, helps us stand firm through stormy life seasons. It’s the wait that allows for time for the roots to grow deep; the wait therefore helps us build strength.

It may not make sense when we wait, and Karate Kid was in a hurry too. Waxing and waning did not make sense, but in the final battle, he saw the wisdom of the wait. What could have happened if he did not wait?

Your mind matters

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