A Bird in Hand

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. 

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to come and is unknown. What is in hand is the moment, and how it is spent determines to a reasonable extent what tomorrow or the future will be. 

There is no doubt the present could be better, if better decisions had been made in the past. However, what’s done is done! A healthy minded person will not choose to eat rotten food! The past is expired, rotting away, it would do no good to ingest it. Lessons can be learnt, but dwelling on mistakes is wasting precious time.

Spending the moment dwelling unhappily on the past is a waste of precious time that can be sown for a better tomorrow. 

Time is healthier spent being thankful, with reasons for gratitude always abounding in spite of challenges in various ways! Best therefore to make the most of the bird in hand than focus on two in the bush that may never be caught or have escaped! 

An attitude of gratitude is healthier food to the mind than rotten regretful thoughts! 

Wealth is Health. 

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