Happy New Year

Expectations of new and better things are expressed amidst fears of persisting uncertainty. “Happy new year”. Others fear for worse, for who knew the year 2020 had conceived what it birthed?

The last year in spite of calamities was marked with significant positive events for many in different ways. The pace of living was forced to relent, ground to a halt somewhat. Reflections on values and the true ingredients for meaningful living were roused. The inertia of manic living slowed for many globally.

Happy New Year🎉

We may not know what the new year holds and happiness is said to be a journey not a destination. Focus on uncertainty may be provoke unhealthy fear. Yes, we need to acknowledge what we do not know and not ruminate on unknowns to our detriment.

Energy is said to flow where focus goes. What stirs positive feelings in you when you focus on it? What do you do for others that gives mutual joy? What are you thankful for in spite of life’s challenges?

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