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“Whatever is what doing, is worth doing well”.

This for me, is applicable to life, especially since one only gets one go at it. Keeping in mind “YOLO” (You Only Live Once), helps keep the right values on life’s journey. Being YOLO minded, and determined to make my one way journey meaningful, I found inspiration in the book of Life – The most important manual for living.

The book of Life (Proverbs 3:15) gave the key to what most of humanity appears to be investing time and energy pursuing: wealth, defined in monetary value, is it??  Acceptance or a quest for “love”, is perceived in different ways. Significance is sought in fame, qualifications and all forms of achievements. Low self esteem is identified increasingly in young and old. Yet for those who have what many others seek, there’s a deep desire for something else, without which life feels incomplete.

Wealth is a truly healthy spirit, soul and body. Attaining a wealthy state is a process that is joyful, it is the journey in life knowing each step draws one to a higher state, in spite of challenges along the way. The hurdles on the journey, build more strength and increasing joy of a worthwhile quest.

Abundant living is therefore my pusuit, enjoying life in every way and reaping a bountiful harvest of life’s produce, healthy relationships, happy family, material posession as required but not to choke on . I will not delude myself that there isn’t a price to pay in many ways. Any significant attainment requires discipline – Dear God, please help me!

I am on a journey to pursue wisdom and I am assured by the Book of Life, that I will attain the fulfillment that I seek of a meaningful and worthwhile existence, if I do not give up, and will not only be what I was designed to be, but also help others know the truth that sets free!

Carpe Diem!



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