I recall a friend saying his shoes served him well because he took exceptional care of them. Shoes? Well, he also claimed that was why his shoes lasted long and “serve” him well.

His shoes indeed always stood out! I once had the opportunity to watch him put away his shoes, when he explained they were always cleaned and polished whenever he returned home for the day, after which he would store them away with shoe shapers and covered up.

Personally I thought that was too much time to invest in shoe servicing! The time and energy he invested though, reflected in the way his shoes always stood out in a crowd. It may well impress potential employers to pick him out.

I have recalled this many times over the years, with thoughts of how one uses things determining what one gets out of it. Investing quality time and energy in relationships for instance helps build long lasting relationships. Likewise abnormal use, that is ab-using anything: using a thing, service or situation for anything other than that which it is designed for results in not getting the best of it or even causing it to be detrimental.

Best to know the purpose for which anything is designed, use it respectfully and not abuse it so it serves one well!

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