I still didn’t know what she saw, and I thought it mean that she saw me that way. My response was clearly not what she expected. The flood of tears that drenched my face, kept flowing as her words recycled in my mind, “that girl is a rascal!” I kept thinking “me, rascal?”

What did I do? I dared not reply. I was in year 1 of high school and she was 3years my senior! The whole system was intimidating, being my first time ever, living away from home, in boarding school. Rascality, as I pictured it, was worlds away from the image I held of myself. The image of “me” that I shielded and worked so hard to keep. To be called “rascal” was tearing me down! What does rascal mean to you?

Decades later, I recall the same words and can’t stop smiling. I know now she was right and she meant no harm. She had seen the twinkle in my eyes, that others have since noted. A reflection of a desire to liven hearts with joy, that has sometimes been done in “mischievous” ways. She termed it rascality, others have said joyful, playful and other more ‘positive’ terms.

My attempt to look serious and be “a good girl”, had been perceived as a bubbling stream suppressed. Her perceptive heart had likely seen a suppressed conflict of persona in my eyes, and a difference to what I strived to portray. She was sorry and apologised profusely for upsetting me, asking others to join and plead with me to stop crying…

Over the years it has been liberating being “me” and encouraging others to do same. You may be called names, to describe your uniqueness, for others will perceive your difference through their own unique lens. Whatever name you may be addressed as, more important is to know you and be YOU – YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS. Please don’t lose YOU!

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