Are You Limited or LTD?

Deciding which line to tow, in any area of life, may be a huge struggle. Staying in one’s comfort zone may be seemingly peaceful yet restricting manifestation of full potential. A check with the fulfilment test, may reveal deep seated dissatisfaction with the current state. What would make life more meaningful and fulfilling? Staying limited or stepping out of comfort zone to live the dream?


What are you settling for, that’s keeping you from being who you really are, or thriving and not just existing? Seeds often bear little resemblance, if any, to their harvest. What are the seeds of greatness in you? What you do with the seeds over time will determine the quality and quantity of the harvest, if any. It’s easier to allow innate seeds of greatness stay latent, but nurturing them to harvest brings the fulfilment of living the dream.

The choice of staying in the realm of limitations, acknowledging and embracing obstacles, whilst disregarding and dismissing opportunities, is by default a choice not to be LTD – Living The Dream.


It takes courage to move from familiarity to fulfilment. The zone of unfamiliarity needs to be traversed to get to the joyful realm of better living. Ouch! Yes, the transition phase is often not without pains, most birthing processes. Mistakes are not infrequent, in leaving the known zone for the unknown – well worth the risk of failures and errors. The comfort of the known is powerful to hold back from fruitfulness, if not resisted. Why change if you are comfortable where and as you see? An apple seed in a small flower pot will only grow so much. How much fruitfulness or more productivity you desire, will determine your level of resistance to your comfort zone.

Embracing the dream, once defined, helps to keep pushing to that new realm. The journey may seem long, depending on what’s to be birthed. With the right support in place, gestation period progresses, the desired new season arrives, and the joy of fulfilment gladdens and strengthens the heart.


If you are considering going from being limited to LTD, you may find Joseph’s Campbell’s quote helpful: “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you desire”. What’s holding you back from Living The Dream? Link up with those who have been there before, to hold your hand if needed as you move forward, or just to cheer you on. Remember “help helps” towards living the dream.

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