Are You SAFE On Life’s Pathways?

It was tempting to change lanes, and gain a few minutes at least, on the estimated arrival time. The thought of going faster than the cars on the next lane, also stirred some excitement. Was it necessary to change lanes? If it ended up in an accident, would it be worth it? My happy mood needed a quick check to make safe decisions.

STAY in your life lane, except there’s a justifiably wise reason for change. If you must change then do the necessary checks before taking a step : mirror – signal – manoeuvre. Look behind, look ahead and around, then inform those who NEED to know before you change lanes.

ACCEPTing your lane helps to stay focused. The grass is said to always be greener on the other side. There is a reason you are in that lane. It may be because of the type of vehicle you are driving, or you mistakenly ended up there. Accepting it is your lane will help you be at peace, and make reasonable decorations for progress. Accepting enables focus.

FOCUS helps to avoid accidents. Both eyes and mind are needed to work together, when in motion in any way. Focusing enhances awareness of details, enabling avoidance of potentially hazardous moves, and enjoying the scenery or the lessons along the way. Engaging every faculty of the mind in the drive, is beneficial to be safe and enjoy the drive.

ENJOY the drive on the journey with life. A positive mindset does more good for health. The serenity prayer notes there are things we have no control over. You may find yourself in your current life lane due to factors beyond your control. You are there, so best be still and not fret, accept it is where you have to be, focus and determine to infuse each moment with joy as best you can.

Your mood matters, as it may affect the decisions you make and your safety too! Minding your mood helps ensure your safety as you journey with life! Stay safe on life’s pathways. Your life matters!

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