Battery Charger

What’s draining your battery? You are not just physically tired but feeling drained somewhat? What is draining your mind energy?

Fatigue, forgetfulness, irritability, not sleeping well are some signs the mind is under strain. Excessive anxiety about tomorrow that may never come or berating ruminations of yesterdays that are gone not to return, are things we switch on and deplete mental batteries.

Infusing today with fear and anxiety, would be another day gone that could have been better invested. The future is made up of a cumulation of todays. Making the most of today matters. You can’t change the past but tomorrow can hold better memories. Memories of tomorrow are created today. Do what you would like to look back on and smile. Infuse life into today by creating beautiful unique memories.

There will always be things we can’t change. You can’t change the past but tomorrow can hold better memories by wiser use of today. Like Nanna Lynn reminded me recently, let’s look at what we can change and not what we can’t. To that I’ll add, let’s also look at what we have and not what we haven’t. Let’s charge our hearts with gratitude by looking at the things we ought to be thankful for. Focus fuels feelings.

What focus fills your heart with gratitude and infusions of life? What is draining your mental battery? Do you need to change your focus?

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