Replay or Replace

An annoying thought keeps coming up. I press the replay button and dwell more on it. It infuriates me the more I think of it. I keep replaying till my head begins

Do Daily

The future surely has to be better than the way life is now. Truth spoke clearly and firmly, “nothing’s going to change if you do nothing”. I didn’t like the thought of

Turn On The Light

The darkness was frightening, not knowing what danger was looming. The thought of making any move stirred fears of risks of an imminent accident. Resisting the grip of fear from ruminating on

It was tortuous but one knew what to expect. It seemed better to stay with it than stepping into the unknown. The challenge was how long the familiar distress could be tolerated,

FEED – Healthy eating is required to keep the body healthy and it’s no different for the mind. Feeding on anxiety fuelling material, on TV, social media or catch ups with friends,


The day is over. So much done but much more not done. On reflection other activities should have been prioritized. Setting out on a journey without a defined destination is a sure