The Fear of Fear

As the time drew nearer my heart beat faster. I considered calling to cancel the appointment. It had been a long wait and fear was now getting the better of me. It

Freedom From Fear

The thought of all that needed to be done was terrifying. The time to accomplish so much seemed so short. The paralyzing fear of failing made it impossible to do anything. It

Focus Fuels Feelings

A glass of water somehow did the magic. I struggled for years to understand the mystery. It could be a fall from a painful fall, intense distress from fall out with siblings

Life, Living and Legacy

Fear began to seep in, gradually overwhelming any attempt of rational thinking. The fear of life ebbing fast intensified, as the breathlessness worsened. There had never been a concern for the need

Is Consistency The Key?

Goals are often expressed at the start of the year, with a determination to fulfill them this time around. Soon days begin to fly past, with thoughts of going back to the

In healthy doses, it helps to stretch limitations, for increased capacity and attaining desired ‘higher’ goals. The dose for everyone is different even if of same age, weight or race. It is