Writing 2021

After a few minutes on the road, on a bright summer afternoon, it was difficult for the driver to decide which way to turn. The passengers, all singing happily and loud, agreed

Happy New Year

Expectations of new and better things are expressed amidst fears of persisting uncertainty. “Happy new year”. Others fear for worse, for who knew the year 2020 had conceived what it birthed? The

The Journey

Will my dreams ever come true? Will my hopes ever be realized?Will I ever achieve my goals? “When do we get there”, the young passenger moaned. “Almost”, replied the driver, not turning his

Recipe For Living

The various ingredients were collected, checked to ensure all that was needed was present. Next, the instructions reviewed, to determine the process and the required first step. Like dreams and aspirations being


The ferris wheel of life may easily become addictive, with an unrelenting habit to keep up a pace of living that gives no respite. A drive to keep getting more and more


She quickened her pace, fearful of being followed. The pursuing image was not giving up, though she desperately hoped it would. She was getting out of breath, wondered when this pursuit will