Boxing Day

The opening of alms boxes to give to the poor, was traditionally done on the 26th of December. Over the years, this has changed, the same day now recognized as the start of the shopping for bargains, to have and hold more…

The custom of unboxing, to feed and fend for the poor on boxing day, has faded over the decades. There is, apparently, less awareness of the impact of poverty on lives, yet millions are still dying for lack of food, clothing and shelter. The Corona pandemic has clearly made things worse!

Let’s make this boxing day a different one, changing the culture to giving more to those in need of basic things to sustain life. Let’s unleash and release the love and kindness deep in our hearts. Let’s give to others in need of the basic things we may take for granted, including food and clothing.

Let’s unbox love and kindness…

We can help reduce poverty in various ways and every bit of help counts. Let’s start with what we have as best we can, help a neighbour, friend, foe or relative, give on line. What is poverty? What can I do to alleviate global poverty? Who can I help? How may I help?

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