Breakforth is a non-profit organisation headquartered in Ireland. The organisation’s global mission is to alleviate poverty and foster sustainable development by empowering Women and Girls, using a holistic approach.

Women and girls are at the centre of our community based efforts to create sustainable development, community transformation and a better world for all. We strongly believe that when women are equipped with adequate resources, they have the power to liberate themselves, families and communities from poverty, which in turn results in stronger societies.

Our work is guided by a vision of a just world where every woman and girl experiences true freedom and are holistically empowered to fulfill their God-given purpose.

To effectively advance the interest of the women and girls we serve, we work in partnership with locally based organisations in the regions we operate.

We are part and proud to be affiliated with the work Breakforth does for marginalised women and leadership training for girls. We encourage active support for this organisation at