Business as Usual

Another day at the clinic, phones ringing, patients queueing, angry parents, crying babies, the elderly struggling to be heard! One doctor less, he died last night, but business must and need continue as usual.

Years of hard work in a top firm, her table stacked with files to sort, keen to deliver top notch service, it may have to be at her expense. Unseen cold hands grip her colleagues hearts with fear, when the need to clear her desk comes up, as work needs go on. She had passed on with no notice, the weekend gone. The boss reassures all that her post has been filled that very week, her replacement soon would sort out the desk. The thought was loud, it could have been any of them so swiftly replaced! Business must and should continue as usual!

For the child who’s lost a parent, for the spouse without the other, for the mother or father who’s son or daughter has gone too soon, it’s not business as usual, and really may never be!

Stress can be insidously toxic! Time rolls on regardless of who exits. Life is a gift each person is given to use as desired. Taking on more than is healthy in anyway, or not reaching out for help when life gets challenging, may result in a exiting earth prematurely!

Please avoid burning out. Healthy choices, healthy life! #Carpediem! #befreeindeed

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