Car engines have capacity, washing machines do too, computer specifications state the limitations, every human has varying limits else will stop to be.

It will deemed fool hardy that a man try to lift a truck, except of course in exceptional circumstances or under supernatural influence. There’s a limit to physical, mental and emotional capacity, it may be stretched but if exceeded may be fatal! Staying healthy requires keeping within limits. 

An overfilled tank will spill over, a crammed suitcase is at easy risk of bursting. Exceeding  mental capacity may result in inappropriate spillages, verbal or otherwise and illness is then perceived, 

Guarding the mind is of utmost importance, like not carrying excess luggage in a car lest it breaks down. A day at a time is a healthy way of life. Thoughts for the future should not be to the extent of weighing down the mind. Thoughts about the past should only be to withdraw lessons for empowerment. Today will soon be history, be thankful for another opportunity to live better, invest it, maximise it and enjoy it! 

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