It’s a week to Christmas! Are you excited, drained or both? There are lots to do, and refuelling the mind appropriately may often take a back seat. There’s a reason for the season, and lots of frills to keep it merry. Planning, shopping, re-adjustments with national and global news, may result in emotions swinging high …


Three Cs of Progress

It was inspiring dwelling on those two words. Folakemi said it casually but the words carried so much power, “consistency compounds“. The impact on me has since been energizing for plans where motivation seemed to be waning. Little drops of water are said to make a mighty ocean. Every additional step a toddler makes, further …

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Perfect For Purpose

The background was not perfect, the outline was not precise. The curtains needed adjusting, the lighting was too poor. The makeup was pale so recording wasn’t going to be perfect. The project was therefore put off for when every thing could be perfect. Day after day, it lingered, waiting for perfection to happen. Those who …

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