The Little Things

It was no wonder the frail looking girl could easily lift the weights. It was an urgent situation; the heavy weights in the store house had accidentally rolled down, following one of the props collapsing, and blocking the opening for deliveries. The situation was not helped by delivery of goods due in a few minutes!

The young men were struggling to lift each bag. It was surprising that “tiny Tina”, as she was called, even dared to try. More shocking was the ease and speed with which she cleared the bags, balancing one per arm like they were light! The guys moved back in awe, giving her room to do what they had struggled to do!

It later came to light that Tina’s hidden skill had been acquired over many years. Helping her dad from her early years, with his building work had got her carrying things with wanting to spend time with him. Evenings were spent helping her dad joyfully and over the years she had carried heavier things regularly and with much more easy, devising strategies to manage heavier weights deemed too much for her.

Life throws challenges! The more one practises carrying what comes one’s way, the stronger the mental and emotional muscles get. Complaining and griping, will not stop life’s challenges. Therefore best to get on with it for bigger challenges will come! Help from others may sometimes be needed to ensure healthy limits are not exceeded!

The seemingly little daily tasks trains the mind for bigger challenges.


At a time when getting married seemed the next “milestone”, dear relatives asking to give enough notice of an event undeclared, I thought it best to check with dad what mattered most to his heart. Would he rather I be unhappily married or happily single?

His choice might seem an obvious one but I knew he would be truthful and not just say what he felt I ought to hear or that which was seemingly right. It was also a family culture that got anxious with female “children” living at home in their late twenties onwards, yet moving out and living alone as an unmarried woman was looked down on by the wider society, attributed to all kinds of condescending ideas.

It thrilled my heart my dad thought differently. Much as he would welcome the news of my being married, grandchildren and all the joys that were bound to come with it, my happiness was of greater worth whatever anyone else may think of societal status. My sense of having value for being me was reinforced, regardless of any shortcoming or seeming inadequacy.

I was and I am glad to be me. My journey in life “successes” and “failures” adding to my story, while I continue happily on “my” journey – glad to be me, just as I am, at the point I am, yet evolving…..with every confidence that with faith and perseverance in my maker and my God, and doing my best at every point in all I do, I will emerge at the end of my journey having fulfilled my purpose for my time on earth. Therein lies my value: being me without the need to be defined by others perceived values whatever they may be!

Do my best

As best I can

At every point

In everything

With what’s at hand

Guarding my heart

And if my best

Is not as best

I’ll keep at it

As best I can

To better be

And stronger grow!

Man’s Greatest Need

There’s said to be in the heart of man

A place that’s made for God alone.

Nought else can take this place for Christ

No matter how much it’s tried.

Fame has been used many a time

Wealth and riches can take its place

The love from spouse or best of friends

Can never ever fit in this space!

Many have sensed there must be more

Than what appears needs fill this void

And so have tried ethereal routes

In hope of filling this deep deep need

There’s just one way to fill this need!

It’s falling in love with the King of Love

But many fear for lies believed

Perceiving Him to be else but Him

He knows you best and loves you most!

No other love for you can stand

All else will pale in the Light of His Love

It’s free for all, too good and true!

He knew we’ld from Him as is

So clad like us in human flesh

He came to earth mingled with men

The KING to us to show His love

Walked in our shoes, felt rain and pain

Shared our frailties, despair and rage

Paid the full price freed us from guilt

All we need do is “Yes” to Him

Yes to Love, the greatest Love!

Love that’s not based on looks or grades

It’s all man needs, and all else pales

The Love of Christ is all in all!


Traffic signals are easily read worldwide. Of course, there are places when they are disregarded or don’t even exist. Lack of signals is reflected as chaos, with everyone doing as they please, when they please! Disregarding signs, where present, may result in a similar picture or punitive measures by monitoring authorities.

There are signals in life!

Pain, tiredness, sleepiness or difficulty sleeping are signals to take steps for healthier living. Signals may vary from person to person. Knowing one’s warning signs helps prevent physical, mental or emotional breakdown, promoting healthier living.

Know the signals to keep your body, mind and soul healthy. Know your traffic lights!