The Spillage

A slight increase in temperature and water becomes steam. A little more pressure and capacity is exceeded, resulting in contents overflowing. Simple measures, like a wooden spoon on a pot of boiling pasta may easily prevent a messy spillage! The wooden spoon may be the listening ear of a faithful friend, a brother stepping in at the last minute to help or an extra hand in getting a job done. 


Every individual has a unique capacity to contain stressors/pressures, beyond which without other measures being put in place, bubbles from internal stress spill over and creates an external mess. Messy spillage may be avoided with well timed extra help, like wooden spoon, preferably a cool one, would avert messy spilling over when boiling pasta. Reducing volume of the fluid in the pot also helps as less bubbles would be generated, like minimizing triggers for stressors – prevention being better than cure.

I have often wondered how the wooden spoon prevents the spillage. Many factors have been considered, including: contact of the bubbles with the wooden spoon breaks the surface tension and the bubbles burst into air. The right intervention at a peak time of stress can be a massive step in preventing disaster!

It is best to reach out for help, be it a friend to talk to, professional help for advice or support, or simple measures like taking time to rest and re-charge one’s batteries. Getting help as early as possible prevents complications. There’s a wooden spoon and various other measures to prevent messy spillages. if one measure is ineffective, try another. Prevention is better than cure!

Long Suffering

How long is long suffering? 

Suffering is allowing hardship, pain or a distressing situation, but how much suffering should one allow before the line is drawn? Patiently tolerating suffering is considered long suffering. I cannot help thinking of longsuffering in relationships, especially in marriage, where it is not uncommon for one spouse to be more tolerant than the other, and enduring hardship for what may be considered an unduly prolonged period. Where and when is suffering long enough and a line need be drawn?


When the purpose of an object, person, relationship or anything is not defined, abuse is often inevitable! The challenge therefore, not uncommonly in relationships, is boundaries not being defined or ill-defined. An employee’s duties is clarified in a contract to avoid abuse and/or exploitation by either party. Any relationship that will stand the test of time needs clear boundaries to ensure mutual respect and avoid abuse in any form, no matter how sweetly packaged.


Respect recognises every one has weaknesses, we are all work in progress’ striving to be better as best we know. Mutual respect therefore makes allowance for the other’s weakness, whilst encouraging the areas of strength. Tolerating weakness should however not be to the extent of allowing abuse, and detrimental acts to anyone’s well being.    Leslie Vernick gives deep insight on boundaries in relationships and drawing the line between long suffering, healthy tolerance and abuse.

The Hose

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post.

It jerked back and forth, twisted side to side
It needed to be still, for the water to flow right
It curled up some more, the direction was lost
Water spray not directable to the plants.

The plants kept dying, the garden looked parched
though there was a hose, with water supply.
Each time the gardener attempted to work
this hose came alive and destroyed his job

The hose it appeared, just seemed determined
to sabotage the purpose, for which it was bought
prancing everywhere, except where told
redirecting the routes the water was to go.

Asked by the tap to which it was attached
“Why dear hose do you fret so?”
It replied,”I am trying to help, I cannot be still,
for fear that a beautiful garden may never be.”

Your fear however, responded the tap

Is fast ensuring the dreaded will be

you have no control of the greatest need

your fretting surely make your fears come true!

Do that which you can, the best that you know

without contamination of a fearful heart

Trusting always that with faith we can always soar

Above any challenge that may come our way !