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The Pilot

I would hate to be a pilot and suddenly have s passenger struggling with me for control. The result is likely going to be fatal.  My father often said “every man is the architect of his own fortune”. Indeed, one’s present state is the result of past choices, regardless of influence by others or circumstances! 

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The dream

The Dream…Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” is an inspiration to many. Indeed his relatively short lived life is seen to be purposeful, with a goal achieved, enviable in that he lived and died for a defined purpose. Life for many will probably be more meaningful could the reason for existence be identified and

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Trainers match weights with individual capacity, to avoid body injury or undue strain that may deter the trainee from continuing to engage. That’s wisdom! It’s not infrequent that people take on roles, mental and emotional burdens that they are not designed for resulting in failure to complete a desired task or attain a much sought

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