Habits are said to make or break, but how are they built? Another layer to consider may therefore be the belief system, that makes us do what we do or don’t. This stirs the question, where do beliefs come from?

Change begins with me.

There’s nothing anyone believes that did not start with a thought. This could be a suggestion, idea or information presented to the mind. The thought could be dismissed, considered or embraced, and choices are by default made. The longer a thought is embraced, the more it is accepted and incorporated into ways of living, seen as behaviours. Sustained behaviours are noted as habits. An example is the name or title we all respond to. It takes a process to get used to a new name after years of responding to the old.

You may wonder now, where thoughts come from. If there was no interaction with our environment and others around us, would thoughts emerge? So, layer upon layer, the thinking foundation is built from every interaction as the journey with life progresses. Connections, like chains are formed in the brain. Information received from our activities and responses to the actions of others, leads to more thoughts being processed, the thinking foundation reinforced, and beliefs formed.

Beliefs from earlier years inform decisions in later life, confirming our thoughts determine our decisions and actions. To change any pattern of living therefore, the thought chain needs to be broken. A healthy start point may be where did this thought come from? Getting to the roots of the issue would be enhanced by repeating the question at every step?

What behavioural pattern do I need to change? What current habits are detrimental to my health in any way?

Once identified, detrimental habits need be broken the same way they were established, by repetition. The healthier replacement behaviours need to be repeated till they are firmly rooted. Getting started with healthier habits, is not as challenging as maintaining the change.

It may be much easier to implement the healthier changes but sustaining them can be a challenge, and extra support may be needed like a coach or accountability group. The extra support helps to stay on track, preventing running out of steam and giving up. An acronym for TEAM is Together Everyone Achieves More. Healthy team work makes dreams work. Breaking brain chains that limit fulfilment of unique potential, starts with making an informed choice and sustaining it with healthy supportive measures.

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