Situations we often find ourselves, may likely be significantly different, had we made different choices. Hindsight is said to be “a wonderful thing”. We may not be able to do anything about the expired past but, we can make better choices for the future. A significant daily choice is choosing one’s focus noting there will always be things outside our control

We make our choices, our choices make us

Daily we are confronted with the challenge of making decisions. Some sources reckon an average person makes 35,000 decisions a day! Success is also described as the cumulation of daily habits. A good habit is focusing on situations that rouse healthy emotions in spite of things we cannot change.

Choices are also made by default, in wilfully refusing to choose. Every choice, deliberate or default, has a consequence which may be beneficial or detrimental. We make our choices and our choices make us.

What outcome / future do I desire? What choices feed best into it? What choices pose a threat of sabotaging my desired goal(s)?

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