Choking is the obstruction of air flow from the environment to the lungs. Choking may be partial or complete, like seemingly surviving yet struggling mentally or emotionally.

Some tips for preventing fatal complications, requires help from others with a back slap or strategic manoeuvre. The victim may be helpless in a complicated state of choking.

There are times in life when we are able to forcefully cough out things that attempt to choke mentally or emotionally, and resolve the related distress by our own effort. At other times however, help is needed from others to strategically perform actions to prevent harmful consequences.

It is helpful to have people around us who know what to do when we are in distress. If you are choking unnoticed, witb no voice from airway obstruction, do whatever it takes to get help: kick the chair, bang the table, the disruption will hopefully draw someone’s attention to help you out.

For those who know what to do when someone’s choking, please step in quick! Early intervention is key to save a life or lives.

Be a voice for the voiceless.

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