It’s a week to Christmas! Are you excited, drained or both? There are lots to do, and refuelling the mind appropriately may often take a back seat. There’s a reason for the season, and lots of frills to keep it merry. Planning, shopping, re-adjustments with national and global news, may result in emotions swinging high and low! What’s your reason for Christmas?

There are lots of decisions to be made. There may be many more changes too, so more deciding still and last minute changes. Acknowledging there are things we are unable to control, there always will be, may help ease the stress between certainty and uncertainty. Focus fuels feelings! What is your main focus this season? What may be draining your energy?

Frustration may easily set in, with focusing on things we cannot change, at times when situations stretch our emotional muscles to distressing limits. Embracing the adjustables, with a focus on a relatively healthier or more positive outcome, despite the unchangeables, would help the mind relax and breathe better. Are you recharging your mind batteries regularly? What do you focus on that gives you healthy energy?

Christmas day is fast approaching, like many past it will soon be gone. What taste would you like the season to leave with you? The taste of food, no matter how good will fade. The joy and peace of adding value to others will never leave. Love can be shown in different ways. Life can be shared with others, if it is not possible to be together. A kind word, an encouraging text, a call to share good cheer. Yes, there will be things we cannot change, but with what we can, we can make the world a better place.

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