Christmas Presence

Hearts and minds were encouraged to be on the road. A tragic accident highlighed to have been preventable, had the mind, not just eyes, kept the focus on the motorway.

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel’

Different Covid tiers this season, pose restrictions in meeting up for many. Brexit, global travel limitations for many reasons and so much more happening, stretch minds with much to process and more effort needed, to keep safe and sane.

Physical presence does not equate emotional presence, love can be very present with bodies distant. Our presence of hearts for friends, families, colleagues and neighbours, even if virtual, will strengthen hearts and fuel minds, much needed this season.

Let’s infuse our communication this season with hearts being present. Zooming, phoning or bubbling, our hearts’ presence is what counts the most. Hearts, not just eyes and voice does the real connecting! Let’s reach out and touch hearts.

Everyone communicates few connect – John C Maxwell

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