It tastes too sour, or maybe too bitter. An addition of something very different would make the taste very enjoyable. The drink is therefore not discarded, for there’s some and rather a mixture added. A bit of something else making it longingly palatable.

Diluting sour days or emotionally draining events, may be done in different ways. Like cocktails, other liquids added, improve the overall taste. Unlike drinks, stress may not be poured away, even if we so desperately desired to. Adding other activities therefore ‘help’ in easing the distressing impact on our lives. Receiving bad news may be easier to cope with, by bingeing on food, alcohol or screen sucking.

Soaking in a comforting activity may soothe the pain of a stressful event, and this may be short term gain for long term pain. You may feel an urge to shop, buy things you don’t need to make you feel good, with sleepless nights later due to bills unpaid. Pain needs to be eased, and can be done in various ways. Are your options healthy or unhealthy?

What healthier choices are there for dilution? Without a plan in place for unanticipated rainy days, it’ll be easier to grab the fastest and easiest dilutant that may give worse pain for longer in future.

What do you dilute your harsh life drinks with? What would be healthier to dilute with? Remember the saying, “failure to plan, is planning to fail”. A plan with a list of healthy options for diluting life’s “heavy” moments, is a great start to healthier living! What are your options?

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