Coercive Control – Power

Power and contol are the key ingredients in the disaster recipe for domestic abuse. The abuser usually being in a position of authority or having a perception of ownership of the victim or being more powerful than the victim in any way. The abuser is usually preoccupied with feelings of entitlement to control and demand for self gratification, regardless of the detrimental impact to the victim!

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Coercion. A pattern of behaviour to persuade another person to act against his/her wishes, with force, threats, intimidation and manipulation as tools. Lies and anger make the tools effective in controlling the victim as desired by the abuser, including physically, mentally, emotionally and financially until the victim is able to gradually break the web of deceit!

Coercive control is abnormal use of power! Every victim of abuse has the power choose to end the abuse but may need professional help in planning to ensure safety. Escaping an abusive relationship, may put the victim at risk of significant harm, from the abuser’s anger at the loss of control and distress of feeling powerless. A safety plan is protective in an abusive relationship or planning an exit! #MAKEAPLAN #MAP

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